2018 Created by Claina 


What I draw:

​• Fanarts, portraits, character designs, D&D characters, characters from games, etc.
• Fantasy, sci-fi, and many other illustration themes.
• Semi-realistic or realistic characters, anime characters.
• Deep colored beautiful landscapes, landscape concepts.
• Monsters and other weird creatures.

What I don't draw:

• NSFW - such as nudity and other sexual or explicit content.
• Animals - I am not confident enough to draw a good looking animal in digital just yet. (I can draw an animal, but not as a main character of the drawing.)
• Logos designs, fonts etc. - I only do illustrations, not graphic design.


A fully rendered and detailed digital art piece with a background if wanted.

COLORED, BLACK AND WHITE, MONOTONE, you can choose in which style I will draw the commission for you, you can also ask for black and white version of your colored final piece, but not the other way around. 
FULL RESOLUTION, meaning you get the original resolution.
UNLIMITED REVISIONS, I will be sending you work in progress screenshots, you can also send me a message trough e-mail to tell me what I should change, what do you want different etc. We will chat, communicate and I will make sure to do everything to make you happy and satisfied with the commission. Every revision and changes included in your request are priced by the time spend on the changes per hour.
BACKGROUND, you can also ask for a background for your drawing, but if you want no background, it's totally fine. There will also be few revisions for your background if needed.
PERSONAL USE ONLY, do not resell or use in any intention to sell or make money from, you do not buy an exclusive license to the rights of my art. (We can discuss this further if need be and also resolve this issue with additional price.)
PRINT (+10-15€) - you can ask for a print for additional price, maximum size is A3, or 30x30cm.


By purchasing my digital artwork commission, you are purchasing only the original (and a print if selected in the order), not an exclusive license to the rights of my art, unless we agree otherwise. 

15€ / hour