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I'm a 25-yo artist from Prague, I've been doing digital art since I was 21.

I do art for a living for 4 years now, drawing, streaming and recording videos and of course drawing commissions! Lately I've been trying to focus a lot on improvement and in the future I would like to work as a freelancer/external artist either for game studios or film.

You could already see me as an artist for local promo art for Elden Ring which was commissioned by Bandai Namco! I also worked ona a local promo art for Gotham Knights.  As well as a Madmonq merch designer and I did some pieces locally for Riot Games. Commercial work brings amazing opportunities, but I also really enjoy working on personal, individual commissions and that's what I do most often.

You could also see me on twitch as a juror for many events, whether it was WoW tournaments, podcasts and other events with thousands of live viewers. As an artist on the CZ/SK scene, I certainly move in the top places, primarily thanks to the great community I have.

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